Management of non-performing loans represents the characteristic activity of the core business of FBS.

The consolidated experience in the sector obtained over more than twenty years enables FBS to offer a precision management service based on accurate analysis of the portfolio and the relative peculiarities which makes it possible to meet the various needs of the clients through a tailor-made management and reporting service.
The work done by the staff assigned to management of the NPL is rather heterogeneous and forms part of a broad company process that involves a wide range of operqtors and operating units which are different but complementary.

The management determines the logical sequence of a series of operations preparatory to the management and recovery of credits, which breaks down as follows: portfolio acquisition, skip and tracing or enrichment of the DB acquisition, set up and updating of the facts at the terminal, analysis and clustering of the portfolio, assignment to external networks and their coordination.

Every single step in the operating process must be managed by Asset Managers who are aware of and assume responsibility for what is happening upstream and downstream in the process. Effective communication enables the various units involved to come into play and cooperate with each other. They understand and share the objectives of the portfolio pursuing the targets of the company mission.