Annual report claims 2017

This report is prepared in accordance with the provisions of decision of 29 July 2009 the Bank of Italy on the subject of "Transparency of transactions and banking and financial services - Correctness of relations between intermediaries and customers".

FBS SpA (hereinafter also the "Company") believes that a correct and transparent relationship with customers, which includes the strict compliance with regulations on the handling of complaints, allows a more efficient and satisfactory dialogue between the intermediary and the customer aimed at allowing a timely clarification of the respective positions and favoring, where possible, a amicable settlement of possible conflicts. This approach falls, among other things, in the context of sound and prudent management, which allows, also through all the activities required to ensure proper, collaborative and transparent relationships with the Customer, to considerably reduce the costs related to possible litigation as well as operational, reputational and legal risks.

In 2017, with respect to claims owned by FBS SpA, 143 complaints were handled. Most of the complaints examined were considered speculative and, moreover, in the cases of acceptance, did not imply in economic charges for the Company.

In 2017, with reference to these loans, 2 (two) appeals were handled by the Financial Banking Arbitrator.

In accordance with local regulations, a complete register of complaints was held at FBS SpA, containing the essential elements of every complaint received and processed as well as any measures taken to solve the problem raised.

FBS SpA must respond to the complaint within 30 days of receipt, or communicate within this period, the time required to receive all the elements and provide the final confirmation.

Below, is a summary of some of the data relating to the aforementioned complaints handled in 2017 with reference to the receivables held by FBS SpA.

Dettaglio reclami anno 2017

Numero Reclami Incidenza %
Accolto/parzialmente accolto 45 31,5%
Non accolto 97 67,8%
In istruttoria 1 0,7%
Totale complessivo 143 100,0%

Tipologia credito

Numero Reclami Incidenza %
Ipotecario 13 9,1%
Chirografario 130 90,9%
Totale complessivo 143 100,0%

Range GBV

Numero Reclami Incidenza %
A) 0-10.000 64 44,8%
B) 10.001-25.000 48 33,6%
C) 25.001-50.000 18 12,6%
D) 50.001-75.000 8 5,6%
E) 75.001-100.000 3 2,1%
F) 100.001-250.000 1 0,7%
H) 500.001-1.000.000 1 0,7%
Totale complessivo 143 100,0%

Tipologia debitore

Numero Reclami Incidenza %
Persone giuridiche 29 20,3%
Persone fisiche 114 79,7%
Totale complessivo 143 100,0%

Area Geografica

Numero Reclami Incidenza %
Nord 45 31,5%
Centro 53 37,1%
Sud 43 30,1%
Altro 2 1,4%
Totale complessivo 143 100,0%