Since its creation FBS spa has provided services of assessment, due diligence and servicing of portfolios of delinquent loans and defaulted loans for a number of institutional bodies operating on an international scale and for issuing companies.

FBS Real Estate SpA pursues business that is instrumental to that of the group leader.
Registered in the register of financial intermediaries pursuant ex art. 106 tub
Rated by fitch
Rated by standard & poor
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FBS property portfolio
The main strong points attributed to FBS are:
  • Its independence from bank groups, a factor that ensures the absence of conflicting interests in the assessment and intermediation of portfolios
  • More than ten years of experience and thorough knowledge of Italian law and the procedures to follow in the recovery process
  • The emphasis placed on settlement out of court with consequent reduction of recovery time to a minimum
  • The ability to implement different strategies to maximise recovery
  • The IT system created completely ad hoc and continually updated according to need
  • Exhaustive precise investor reporting service
  • Rating by Moody's in 2006