Special projects
Over the years FBS has established a mentorship strategy. Each team is regularly supported; in perspective, by additional personal coming from law firms and university spin-offs (constantly triggered by post-graduate internships). These individuals, present in the company, are permanent employees or bound by consulting contracts, work with the teams assigned to them, offering support services and incorporating at the same time specific culture on NPL and FBS methodology. Usually, these individuals support the teams in remediation, analysis of practices and formulation of recovery forecasts, retrieval of documentation (e.g. lying in old procedures), loss mitigation and negotiation. This type of relationship allows us to communicate the guidelines of our operational workflows, enhance their technical contents and consolidate a significant business integration. All this makes up, at the entry of new orders, an ideal source of supply, coming from a set of features already aligned with good training and the FBS management method.

In addition, it should be noted that for each new order, the team must include the presence of a veteran FBS employee. This is one of the strengths of the service provider, which has a very high percentage of employees with more than ten years of corporate experience. The concentration of large part of the personnel at the Ravenna headquarters allows for continuous and fluid operation, such as to enable our asset management to understand and develop the logics and the management dynamics connected to other organizational units (i.e. back office, loan accounting, IT, judicial activity management, external networks coordination and FBS Real State). For these reasons, the FBS operational workflow is managed by a team that has a comprehensive consolidated experience and had the opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and scalability in the onboarding and management of new securitized portfolios and bank management for bad debts and UTPs. We operate since 1997.