Work force



An exercise on the agenda. Every new idea, project, IT implementation, procedure, is shared between people/offices concerned under the supervision and behind the guidelines dictated by General Manager Filippo Strocchi. Improving presupposes change. The focus is placed on a number of managerial skills (which cannot be found in the Italian system): they look for overview, numerical analysis, order and logical consecutive logic, all the necessary preconditions for achieving good performance.

Team Hoyt

A source of inspiration for those who experience moments of disorientation and discouragement. The Hoyt team has been able to infuse a conscience and ability to react to anyone who has come across this magical American story.

Team building

An example of how to collaborate constructively. For Team Building projects, several "Leaders" (usually just joined the company or in career advancement) are selected. The chosen ones have to build their own dedicated team (selecting suitable profiles for the type of project) and develop ideas together. The project is always fun to improve the services offered by FBS, whether it's new procedures or IT implementations.